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Mike Holt
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BioMike has been an in-demand session guitarist and drummer for the past 15 years after graduating from music college. Nowadays, a lot of his clients are global with Mike recording all the parts in his home studio.

Not only can Mike cover pretty much any style required on guitars, from jazz to classical, rock to funk, blues to experimental, Americana to pop, he can also play banjo, ukulele, dobro, lap steel and weissenborn.

As a drummer, Mike can provide live-recorded MIDI drum parts via a Roland TD-20 kit, with an endless variety of kit sounds from Addictive Drums 2. You could also take the MIDI parts and use your own drum trigger software. 

Recent clients include Deane Ogden (Warner Brothers world music recording artist), Michael Maas (German tv and film composer), Ryan Taubert (LA film and tv composer), Paul Lawler (UK tv composer and electronic music visionary) plus many others.

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