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Shelley Davies
Order 75 - single song

Negotiable depending on job requirements. Price is her hour-minimum 2 hour callout


The seeds of Shelley’s musical career were planted when she began training as a contemporary musician in her teens, where her voice was first heard on Brisbane community radio. Since then she has gained industry knowledge and experience through her Bachelor of Music and by actively pursuing opportunities to better herself as a musician. The strength of her craft shines through as she consistently captures the attention of her audience with her unique lyrical stylings and smooth, soulful tone. With a versatile yet powerful 3 octave range and punctual timbre influenced by a variety of genres including Soul, Blues, R&B and Pop, Shelley’s voice exudes a passion and emotion that is carried strongly through her performance. Whether performing, collaborating, writing, working in the studio or in an ensemble, Shelley’s love for music and creativity through her instrument are always driving forces. 


This year Shelley has been actively working on projects like the JMC Academy radio advertisements, where one of her songs, performed by Innuendo, was featured as the soundtrack. She also collaborated with Lake Revere on his recently released debut EDM single "Shine Tonight (feat. Shelley Davies)". 

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