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Jamie J Vallee
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Jamie started in music at 7 yrs. old playing the trumpet in school band. By the time he got into High School he figured it out that chicks don't dig trumpet players...they dig singers!! So after very little thought, and puberty kicking in, he put down the trumpet and picked up the microphone!

Singing runs in the family as his mother was a vocalist in the 60's and he's also related to the great musician Gordon Lightfoot. You can tell that he's related to Gordon through his lyrical content in his songs and that is one thing that he is proud of is his writing ability. He reaches out to touch the listener through his written word and the way the lyrics mesh with his strong melodies. Jamie does this little thing where you pick out any word and give him Little bit of history on our Canadian 15 seconds he will write you a song acapella and sing it to you words made up on site as well as the melody!!

Vocally he has been compared to some of the greatest voices in Rock, from Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Steve Walsh (Kansas), and one of his biggest influences Brad Delp (Boston). You can definitely hear Brads inflence on Jamie's original song On the Other Side of the Rainbow close your eyes and you'd swear you were listening to an old Boston song! With a 4 and 3/4 octave range he can handle singing in his upper register with no problem at all.

Little bit of history about our Canadian singer songwriter. It was 1987 and Jamie quit his job as a over the rod trucker to start singing in his first real band with some High School kids that he had played hockey with, from truck, to puck, to ROCK!! NMS Howel was born and little more than a year later they had recoded their 1st 3 song demo and were on their way to becoming one of Chicago's most popular band. It didn't take but 5 months after recoding Out of the Midst they signed a record contract to a local label. 1 year later the band disbanded and Jamie was on his way to Salt Lake City Utah.

There he started a new band and met his partner in writing and recoding and oddly enough...another Lightfoot!! And yes it turns out they are related! Jamie and Jonni left that band after recording yet another 3 song demo and the J&J Music Factory was born!! In 1992 they wrote a tribute song for a close friend of Jamie's who died in a fire back home in Chicago. On the Other Side of the Rainbow the song did recieve some radio airplay and opened the doors for Jamie in Salt Lake. It was also the start of a career writing comedy for a radio morning sshow in town KBER 101.1FM and soon after Jamie got into acting and costarred in a movie on his 1st ever audition!

'93 brought another song for them both and this one really did well on the radio, It's You is a rock ballad with a Country feel yet again showing his versatility in his music and melodies. Since J7J have written and recorded Wings of Courage (2005) a tribute song Jamie wrote for his brother who was fighting cancer at the time this song also has gotten some radio airplay and Jamie has performed it numerous times at charity events for Cancer, Autism, and Diabetes. 2008 brought out the song that Jamie and Jonni had started writing on the stage after an Air Supply concert in Las Vegas (Jonni is the bass player and music director for them. "Faith" which Jamie wrote for his "Mum" Faith is a beautiful piano and vocals only.

If your looking for a truly talented vocalist with the range, smooth subtle at times but also a powerhouse vocalist who could shatter glass!! His melody lines are an incredible journey that can be unpredictable to spot on hook orientated vocals. Voice, melodies, incredible writing skill...truly a triple threat!

Jamie is a truly easy musician to work with and will have you cracking up also!

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