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Ariel Hinojosa
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BioAriel Hinojosa is a working freelance/session musician based out of Texas. He plays bass for several bands in his home state, but his main band is a Southern Rock/Texas Blues Band known as The Beau Walker Band based out of Kingsville. They are two albums into their musical journey, and have had 3 songs hit the Texas charts. Ariel's musical training began when he was just 5 years old while traveling around the country with his father, a legendary Tejano musician. At a young age, Ariel was immersed into a musician’s lifestyle. Ariel knew that someday he would want to be just like his father, but rather than following in his footsteps, Ariel wanted to create a musical life of his own. At the age of 12, Ariel learned to play bass and on occasion would join in on his father’s band for practice. Since then, he has learned to play bass, guitar, harmonica, percussion, and dabbles a little on keys. A musician never stops learning and never stops perfecting their craft, and Ariel takes that to heart. He sets the bar high when it comes to performing any instrument, but special time is dedicated to his bass playing. With the support of his family and friends, Ariel is able to dedicate most of his time to learning new styles of playing and different techniques. MTD/MTD Kingston Basses, Bartolini Pickups and Electronics, Lathon Bass Wear, TecAmp and Tone Tubby Speakers are some of the companies that Ariel has the opportunity to endorse and also enjoys having their support on his musical journey. Ariel has brushed shoulders with some of the music industries heavy hitters and has even shared the stage with many of them. Some artists include, Randy Rogers, Cody Johnson, Reckless Kelly, Jason Boland, Fog Hat, Ryan Bingham, American Aquarium, Shawn Davis, and many others. For now, Ariel’s focus resides with The Beau Walker Band and only the good Lord above knows what's next. Feel free to contact Ariel for updates on his musical career. "You can never become the best, cause there is no best, but you can become great." - Ariel Hinojosa

Video Black Cat by The Beau Walker Band Destination by The Beau Walker Band Sound Machine Classic Tracks - Shania Twain
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