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Torbjørn A. Raae
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BioTorbjørn A. Raae started his professional career at age 14 with a Queen tribute band and has been playing for a living ever since. He graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he now teaches the "Young Talents"-program. In between copping Wes Montgomery licks, he never lost his love for classic rock and pop music and expanded on this to include soul, r'n'b, funk and most contemporary styles. 

He's been making a name for himself as a guitarist, producer and/or mix engineer for many of Norway's greatest artists in a number of genres in addition to theatre work in large national productions. His broad musical background combined with a producer's ear for arrangements  ensure that the focus is always on making a solid musical contribution to any song, whether it's lead, rythm or sound FX work.

Torbjørn uses the finest guitars, effects and amps recorded professionally through Heritage Audio ("Neve 1073"), Millennia, SSL or Universal Audio preamps. He will handpick what he feels is most appropriate for the song, but be sure to request specific instruments if you have something special in mind. He can even provide mix and bass duties if you require.

Examples of instruments:

- Electric solid-body guitars (A number of Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters, Gibson Les Paul, Tom Anderson Grand Am Lam, Blade Telecaster, Tyler/Line 6 Variax, Burns Brian May).

- Electric arch tops (Gibson ES-330, Fender Starcaster, Epiphone Emperor Regent).

- Steel string acoustics 

- Nylon string classical acoustics 

- Ukulele

- Guitalele

- Lap steel

- Mandolin

- Electric bass guitar

- Amps: Budda, Victoria, Marshall, Sound City, Peavey in addition to various rack systems and modellers. 

"I find great joy in providing professional guitar tracks that will enhance any song. I will not charge anything until you are 100% satisfied and I will do my utmost to put a rush on a job if you need it. I'll record guitar any time of day to make your project the best it can be!"

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