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Jim Vest
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Some of the "Top 10" songs Jim has played on include:

You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed Anytime   *   Johnny Duncan
What Part Of No (don't you understand)   *   Lorrie Morgan
Chiseled in Stone   *   Vern Gosdin (1989 Song of the Year)
Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised   *   Johnny Paycheck
Take This Job and Shove It   *   Johnny Paycheck
Slide Off Your Satin Sheets   *   Johnny Paycheck
I'll Just Take It Out in Love   *   George Jones
That Just About Does It   *   Vern Gosdin
Do You Belive Me Now   *   Vern Gosdin
Rolling With the Flow   *   Charlie Rich
Set 'Em Up Joe   *   Vern Gosdin
Ol' King Kong   *   George Jones
Stranger   *   Johnny Duncan

Song Writing History

As a songwriter, Jim has written or co-written many songs that have been recorded by some of the top entertainers in country music. Some of his co-writers include Hank Cochran, David Chamberlain, Arti Portilla, Ed Mannon, Joce Shoaf, and Johnny Walker. Some of their award-winning songs include:

Hank You Tried To Tell Me 'Bout The Mansion On The Hill
Johnny Paycheck
From Cotton To Satin
Johnny Paycheck   *   Jack Greene   *   Gene Watson
I'd Better Write It Down
Charlie Louvin   *   Johnny Paycheck
Just Won't Feel Like Cheating With You
Sammi Smith
Will I Be Free When I'm Free
Johnny Paycheck
Buried Alive
Charlie Louvin   *   Billie Jo Spears
Someone Loves Him
Sue Richards   *   Billie Jo Spears
Loser Of The Year
Johnny Paycheck
Underneath It All
Charlie Louvin
I'm Not Easy
Billie Jo Spears
Outlaw Woman
Billie Jo Spears
Vern Gosdin   *   Willie Nelson
Land of Cotton
Dottie West
Your Sweet LiesTammy Wynette

Producing History

Jim has produced albums and singles on such well-known artists as Box Car Willie, Hank Cochran, James Monroe, Ronnie McDowell, Willie Nelson, Willie's daughter Susie Nelson, and The Heart of Dixie. He is currently producing a new artist, Geoffery Buell from Buffalo, Wyoming.

Television/Movie/Video Credits

Nashville Now   *   Hee Haw   *   Grand Ole Opry "Live"   *   Country Music Television   *   On Stage   *   Living Proof (with Richard Thomas)   *   Nashville 99 (with Claude Akins)   *   New Country   *   Boone (TV Series)   *   J.D. and the Salt Flat Kid   *   Country Western A Go-Go (with Pee Wee King)   *   Hal Wayne and Jim Vest "Old Friends and New"   *   Movies starring Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, and Lorne Greene   *   Videos with Vern Gosdin, Ronnie McDowell, Shelby Lynne, and Linda Davis

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One of Jim's favorite singles was "Home Sweet Homeless People" and can be found on the Gifted Few record label, along with his new album with more great songs penned by Jim Vest. Produced by Hank Cochran


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