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Eric Okamoto
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BioEric Okamoto

World Recorder holder for Speed Drumming. 
Master Percussion Teacher\Clinician
Expert of all Musical styles
Bachelor of Arts in Percussion
Able to turn any song into a hit
Able to go where ever the gig is
The "voice" of the WFD

More about the WFD:  The World's Fastest Drummer Organization holds annual contests.  Winners are determined by an electronic counter called a "drumometer"  At his first competition, Eric won Grand Champion at 1085 single strokes in 60 seconds.   Since then he has added 9 other titles in Rudimental Speed Drumming.  Eric can be heard behind the mic at WFD functions as the M.C.  (ADD LINKS HERE)

More about his teaching:  Eric has made a name for himself as a teacher who raises musicians, as opposed to a teacher of  drum bashing.  He has taught over 600 long term students.  He is also a clinician\endorser for Mapex drums, Pro-Mark sticks and the WFD.

More about his education:  Eric graduated from the School of Music at East Carolina University earning his Bachelor of Arts and was in was drum captain in his high school years.

More about his playing:    Eric has experience playing virtually every musical style in his playing career, from Classical Percussion, to Avante Garde Jazz, to Pop, to Ethnic music.  He is able to turn any average song into a HIT.

About his personal life:  Eric is an established musician with a good reputation for his reliablity and integrity.  He has never fallen into the drug/alcohol world as many musicians have.  He is it top physical condition.  Eric is able to move to where ever the gigs happen to be.


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